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About us

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"A fantastic start, no two days are the same"


"The interests of my children have been nurtured and encouraged"

Our Setting

Our setting provides a safe environment where children are inspired with new experiences and opportunities that will help them to develop a love of learning. We believe that by having open-ended resources and professional and caring staff who are active listeners, we help children strengthen and develop their interests and skills whilst also helping them to become independent thinkers.

Within our preschool room we have activities and toys to suit each child's interests. we have a fun, crafty space where the children can get creative and create their own masterpieces, A construction zone where train tracks and building bocks are particularly popular, a home corner which is where many of children like to role play, small world toys to encourage the children to develop their understanding of the world around them and we also have fun and educational resources to help children develop their early literacy and mathematics skills

Our garden consists of a decking space with sandpit and a concrete zone which is perfect for waterplay, whizzing around on ride on toys and doing some planting. We try to spend as much time outside as the weather permits.


We offer term-time care and education for children aged 2 1/4 - 4 years. We have an after-school club which is run from 3pm till 6:30pm, providing parents access to wrap around care you may need for your child.


We accept government funding for 2 year olds and 3-4 year olds eligible for 15 and 30 hours of funding. Tax Free Childcare Government Scheme vouchers can also be used as payment.

The school transition

We have strong  links with Blagdon Primary School and we have developed a fantastic transition to school programme that all children who will be starting school in September will benefit from in their final year of Pre School, regardless which Primary School they will be attending.

"I really appreciated the transition evening.  The knowledge shared and the time allowed to think about my child's and my transition to "Big School".  Lovely to know our children are so thoughtfully cared for.  Thank you"

"On first impressions, I saw happy children in an environment I knew would suit our child.  It is a smaller Pre School which appealed to us, I found the staff much more friendly and interactive with the children."

"All three of my grandchildren have been through Blagdon Pre School and I have always been impressed by the way it's been run.  They have all enjoyed there time over the span of 10 years and the standards and element of fun has always been present.  Thank you to the staff and team of helpers for such continuous care and early education you gave my Grandchildren."

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