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Highlights from 2017/2018

Every year we put together a number of trips and themed events for the children to enjoy.  Our themes allow children to be creative and express themselves in there own way.  We hold an annual family lunch where the children work hard choosing the food we prepared together, making table decorations and preparing the setting for our lunch with there parent(s) or carers(s).

Last year we took the children on a number of outings:

A very wet walk to Holt farm
Art in the woods
Orchard apple and blackberry picking
Charterhouse leaver’s trip


We had a visit from a dentist as some parents said this was an issue at home with children reluctant to brush their teeth. It was a very successful visit with giant teeth and toothbrush even a pot of rotten teeth.

The children made an Easter garden which was displayed in the Church. Poppies were made for Remembrance Day and we took part in the Village Event which was held at St. Andrew Church.
Carole went on her travels to China and we followed her adventure with a map and pictures and emailed photos of herself. This has been looked at and talked about throughout the year.
We celebrated the Royal wedding by asking parents for theirs or family wedding photos which we displayed in the classroom and we hosted our very own wedding and reception.

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