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Our Staff


Our fantastic staff are motivated and committed to providing a rich and stimulating environment based on a child's individual interests to allow them to flourish.


Our team has a wealth of experience in the Early Years sector. They are passionate about ensuring that all children in their care have a high-quality experience. However, are still fascinated and curious to learn more and continue to understand young children's development.


We have 2 full-time members of staff, both have worked at our Pre School in excess of 10 years.  With years of experience, they provide the children with an environment in which they are nurtured and can follow their own pathway, making new discoveries and connections through creativity and play.


Our staff attends training both within house and through external providers to ensure they continue to develop there knowledge and skills in child development and learning.



"Staff and children build strong relationships.  Staff are friendly and caring and children really enjoy their company. Children are happy in the setting and grow in confidence, alongside the reassurance and close support offered by the attentive staff."

- Quote from our Ofsted report 2018

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